Deluxe Texture Combo
Deluxe Texture Combo
Deluxe Texture Combo
Deluxe Texture Combo
Deluxe Texture Combo
Deluxe Texture Combo Deluxe Texture Combo

Deluxe Texture Combo


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Brand: Mister Pompadour


These product pairings are great if you want to add a bit more volume for your hair. When paired with one of our styling products, the Texture Powder is an awesome way to give a bit of a boost.


(1) Styling Product
(1) Texture Powder

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Best Product I’ve ever used

I’ve never taken the time to write a review online before, but Mister Pompadour deserves a fantastic review. Like many others, I have tried what feels like an endless amount of hair products. I have very straight and fine hair, which can be a challenge to work with. The texture combo (powder and sculpting clay) is the only product I’ll buy going forward. It’s lightwight, smells great and has the perfect amount of hold. Keep up the great work!

The one and only hair product for life!

I’ve tried sooo many products over the years ranging in prices but this entire line is absolutely the best! I’ve never been more pleased with my hair every day and been given so many compliments before. I feel like I finally figured out how to do my hair after years of always feeling like I just needed the right product. Even the price is great! I’m super satisfied!!

Beeswax paste is great

The Beeswax paste is the best product for all day control I have found. It takes very little product and 2 minutes with a hair dryer to be done and ready to go. It holds its shape all day long without being stiff and it has a matte finish. The bonus is that it washes out easily at night with water or a little shampoo. I have used a clay product that i felt like I had to use a clarifying shampoo to get it out of my hair. This beeswax paste wins hands down for that reason alone.

The best out there

These products are nop notch, the best. Feather light and great hold. Just perfect


So it took me awhile to figure out how to use the texture powder (), it's kind of like a dry shampoo, but now it's literally my favorite product for Piecey Texture. And the paste smells Glorious, like, other than "YSL Pour L'Homme Intense", this is my favorite smell.

It had been awhile since I used the Bee's wax paste, I knew I liked it, but had forgotten just how great it is. I switch up between Hanz De Fuko (HDF) and Mister Pompadour (MP), and the reason I didn't really use the Bee's Wax is because I fell in love with the Quicksand by HDF. Also I had longer hair and with longer hair you need more product and time to get the look yuh want. Jumping around from brand to brand and product to product.

Excellent hold from the Paste and tons of texture from the powder, combine the two and you get a Most Excellent Combo.