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Brand: Mister Pompadour



High Hold + Dry Matte Finish

A lightweight styling powder that instantly adds volume and texture while providing a high hold and completely natural matte finish.  It is practically weightless, odorless, and colorless and never feels sticky or stiff.  Ideal for styles that require volume and definition without worrying about the product weighing it down.  Do not over-apply as using a little goes a long way.  Apply to very towel-dry to dry hair for best results.



Customer Reviews

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Beeswax paste topped with texture powder

The beeswax paste has the best hold yet then if you toss the texture powder on top after you’ll have a great natural looking strong hold hairstyle for the day! Great for slick backs and pomp’s.

Love this stuff !

This product is awesome gives it that little extra bit of love especially when you combo it with the putty.

Great Product

although the only flaw is how hard it is to wash out (of my type of hair), this is still a really good product. keeps hair shaped very good, through any conditions such as running. product will also last all day long, or days if you need it

Good product, but be careful

Like other reviewers mentioned, the bottle is a bit small, but the product itself works very well (apply it to dry hair for best results). I like how light it is and how it fixes your hair in place, giving it a clean, sharp look.

However, after using the product a few days, I noticed that I got small bumps on my forehead, which is weird since I have never had an allergic reaction before. When I stopped using the product, the bumps slowly went away. I wish I could use this product more since I liked it, but I am cautious as I do not want to create any skin problems, so just be careful if you decide to purchase it.

texture powder

great powder and does alot for flat hair though paying 20 bucks and it only being half full takes the Micky a bit

How do I apply the Texture Powder?

Apply to dry hair by lightly sprinkling powder at the root for lift and volume or spread it evenly all over for extra fullness and texture.  A little goes a long way so do not over apply.  Scrunch or move hair in any direction to achieve the desired look.


What type of finish does it provide? 

It provides a natural matte finish that's not greasy looking and it won't leave sticky residue or flakes in your hair.


Does it wash out easily?

Yes, the Texture Powder is powdery and does not contain petroleum oil type ingredients which means it washes out easily with water.


What does it smell like?

It is odorless, therefore it won’t interfere with your cologne.

Key Ingredients + Hair Benefits

  • Kaolin Clay - Absorbs any excess oil or dirt without stripping the hair of its necessary nutrients
  • Silica Silylate - Coarsens the hair and creates friction to give the hair structure and volume 


Full Ingredients

Silica Silylate, Kaolin Clay, Potato Starch Modified, Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch Modified, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.